Economists suggest for monitory policy focused on reducing coronavirus effects

KATHMANDU, June 26 : Economists and stakeholders concerned have suggested for the monitory policy that focuses on solving the problems caused by coronavirus in national economy.

At a time when Nepal Rastra Bank has been working for the monetary policy for the forthcoming fiscal year, the NRB is drawn attention to prepare the policy in a way that props up federal economy and minimizes the adversity caused by the pandemic.

During a programme on ‘Monitory Policy in Federal System and Effectiveness of Economic Policy’ organized by the Society of Economic Journalists Nepal (SEJON) here Friday, the experts were of the view that policy diversification was imperative to solve the problems at State and local levels.
Economist Dr Dilliraj Khanal viewed that monitory policy needs to address problems in the marginalized level. He stressed that refinancing could be expanded so that the low level people will have access to it. Controlling unproductive expense and augmenting liquidity could be other priorities in the policy, according to him.

Another economist Keshav Acharya reminded that some States have decided to mobilize internal loan, for which, NRB can make proper policy guidance.

Researcher at National Natural Resources and Finance Commission, Bishal Chalise, commented that the monetary policies so far have focused only on administrative management. So, time has come for such policy that helps to increase economic growth and maintain stability.RSS