National Vitamin ‘A’ Programme on July 6 and 7

Vitamin A

The government’s National Vitamin ‘A’ Programme has been rescheduled for upcoming July 6 and 7. Earlier, the programme mentioned in the regular calendar of the Ministry of Health and Population was suspended due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Department of Health Services, Nutrition Section Chief Kedar Parajuli confirmed that the programme would be taking place on the above mentioned date. The original schedule of the programme was for April 18-19.

Administration of de-worming tablets and Balvita, a micronutrient supplement for children, will take place along with the Vitamin ‘A’ campaign which takes place twice in a year: Kattik 2 and 3 and Baisakh 6 and 7 in the Nepali calendar since 2053 BS. The campaign aims to minimize the risk of deficiency of Vitamin A among children and other subsequent health consequences. It covers children from six to 59 months.

It said 2.73 million children are being included in the campaign and of them, 2.39 million children from one year to below five years of age will be given the de-worming tablets. The distribution of de-worming tablets has been in place since 2058 BS and it also takes place twice in a year.

A micronutrient supplement is given to children from six months to 23 months. It was launched in 2066 BS and presently it takes place in 41 districts. The Vitamin ‘A’ programme is to be conducted with the help of 52 thousand health volunteers across the country.RSS