Incidents of rape on the rise in Bhojpur

KATHMANDU, June 27 : Incidents of rape has been reported to be increasing in the district as of late. More than 70 per cent of the cases registered at the local authorities are related to rape, says data from the district attorney office.

Of the 152 criminal cases registered at the office and through the district administration office in the current fiscal year, 70 per cent were related to rape. The number of cases has also gone up due to the information shared about the existing laws at the local level and subsequent reporting, said district attorney Pramod Bhattarai. However, the incidents of divorce have gone down in the period.

Organized crime has also been found to have increased during the period. Likewise, the cases of polygamy have also gone down. Due to rising legal awareness, the number of people coming to seek justice is on the rise, Bhattarai said.RSS/PHOTO: dhakatribune.com