Man gets citizenship certificate at 93 years

Bhojpur, July 2: A man has been issued with his citizenship certificate at 93 years of age. The District Administration Office Bhojpur issued the citizenship certificate to Lata Sarki of Arun rural municipality. The office handed the citizenship card to Sarki at his house at Pyauli itself.

The local people’s representatives and human rights advocates had taken initiatives for getting citizenship card for Sarki. Lawmaker Sudan Kiranti had directed the district authorities to issue citizenship card to Sarki so that he would be able to access the social security allowances provided by the state to the senior citizens and disabled people. But it had been delayed due to the lockdown, said Chief District Officer, Basanta Raj Puri.

Lawmaker Kiranti was also present at the programme of handing over the citizenship card to Sarki on Wednesday. Sarki has physical disability and he survived by begging. He has noone to look after him.RSS