People in quarantine on the decline

Janakpurdham, July 4 : The number of people staying in quarantine centres has been decreasing. As of last Thursday, the number of people quarantined in the eight districts of the State has gone down to 3,770. There are 455 quarantine centres in the State.

Two weeks ago on June 15, the number of people in the quarantines was 15,581. Many of them were sent home after testing negative for Corona Virus, while those who tested positive were taken to isolation centres for treatment, says the Ministry of Social Development.
However, the number of those in home quarantine is on the rise. As of July 15, the number of people in home quarantine was 11,643 but the number rose to 18,560 in two weeks’ time.

Of the total 44,232 people tested for Corona Virus in the State, 37,085 tested negative, while 3,544 including 220 women tested positive. Laboratory test result of 3,603 people is yet to be received.

Likewise, the number of people who have recovered from the deadly virus has reached 1,923, with three deaths so far.RSS