Misbehave against COVID-19 infected punishable


Surkhet, July 7 : As the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping across the world, it is causing widespread concern, fear, stress and anxiety to all.

Especially, it has caused enormous disruption to lives of children, elderly people and people with disabilities and sickness as they are experiencing worry, anxiety and fear.

People’s reaction to the infected people has also been mixed as some of them are found to be mistreated and despised in the community.

In this backdrop, the District Administration Office Surkhet has urged all not to misbehave with COVID-19 patients as well as those suspected of carrying the coronavirus. It is said some people in the community have been treating the infected and even people recovereing from COVID-19 with contempt.

The DAO states that such behaviours were punishable and inhuman as well. It emphasised that the infected people needed more affectation and positive vibes to defeat the trauma of COVID-19.
Some people returned home following complete health recovery after staying in isolation and quarantine, and hospital are facing humiliation and hardship to adjust normally in the community due to the social stigma against them.RSS