COVID-19: Government appeals for following public health protocols

Kathmandu, July 11 : The government has appealed to one and all to abide by the public health standards to keep self and others safe from coronavirus in the context of no vaccine and medicine having been found to fight the global pandemic of this deadly virus.

In a regular press briefing organised today at the Ministry of Health and Population to share the COVID-19 National Updated Details, Ministry’s spokesperson Prof Dr Jageshwor Gautam called for preventing an alarming situation of coronavirus pandemic by abiding by the set health safety standards.

He urged for maintaining at least two metres physical distance in all types of gatherings or assemblies, for mandatorily wearing face mask while going out of the house, for compulsorily making arrangements of hand washing facility and sanitizer at public places and at all offices and for ensuring that people have washed their hands or used sanitiser while entering the buildings or offices.

The Health Ministry spokesperson urged for making arrangements for measuring the body temperature before starting work every day and if a person’s body temperature is found to be more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit then that person should not be made to work, for the office having daily attendance system to make provision for taking attendance through ‘face reading’ system and for not making persons suffering from cough and breathing issues to work.

He advised against keeping articles of daily use such as toothbrush on wash basin as there is a risk of coronavirus infection from wash basin, toilet and bathroom. Dr Gautam also recommended cleaning the doors, machine handles, tables and other articles and tools that are used frequently by using disinfectant.
Reiterating that the time has come to make necessary preparations to prevent COVID-19 from taking an epidemic scale, Dr Gautam said the general precaution and preparedness by all would help a great deal in prevention of the coronavirus pandemic.
“A general precaution adopted at present would go a long way in protecting the human life,” he reminded.RSS