Supreme Court Show Cause on Troubled Nepalese Citizens outside the Country


Kathmandu, 16th June 2020 :  The Supreme Court of Nepal has issued an interim order in the name of the Govt. of Nepal on the basis of several writs filed on the condition of Nepalese in the US, UK and the Gulf to ‘ensure the safety, well-being and access to proper treatment of Nepalese around the world.’

While issuing an interim order, the court has quoted the UN Directive of May 14, 2020 and has further said that the host countries where Nepalese citizens are residing during the present pandemic cannot excuse themselves for proper medical treatment regardless of their visa status, or citizen or non-citizen while in their country.

The court is hearing these cases under Writ number: WO- 076-0932, WO- 0933, WO-076-0934.

Several Nepalese citizens have already died in the US, Gulf, India and other places but the family is yet to receive compensation from the respective governments.

Coordinator at the NRN Global Health Committee, Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota, informed the National News Agency (RSS) that a total of 54 Nepalis living in the US, UK, UAE, Turkey, Ireland, Netherlands, and Japan died from corona virus so far. But this was a figure of late April. The government needs to update the people on deaths of Nepalese outside on a regular basis. The government must also ensure adequate compensation for the families. File Photo