Traffic Division sealed off after two traffic persons reported COIVD-19 positive

Kathmandu, August 2 :The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) in Kathmandu has been sealed off after two of the traffic police persons were found infected with COVID-19.

The nasal and throat swabs collected from the suspected ones at the MTPD on Friday were sent to Nepal Police Hospital for the test, which resulted in two traffic persons contracting the infection.

MTPD Chief and SSP Bhim Prasad Dhakal shared that the MTPD was sealed off to curb further spread of the COVID-19.
Similarly, the MTPD having over 1,500 traffic persons have kept 375 of them in quarantine while rest others stationed in various places for traffic management, said SSP Dhakal.

All the services to be provided from the office of the MTPD have been halted since the office is sealed off. The services will resume after the report of the swab collected from the other suspected traffic persons come out, informed Dhakal.RSS / file photo