Govt to provide holidays on festival that were cut down earlier: Home Minister Thapa


Kathmandu, February 12th: Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa has assured that the government would yet again provide public holidays on those festivals that were cut down by the incumbent government.

The government had reduced the number of public holidays by 22 days in 2018, cutting down from 104. Many of the public holidays that were cut down were on the festivities of specific ethnic communities as well as on commemoration of important historical days and achievements among others.

At a programme organized at Budhanilakantha in Kathmandu on the occasion of Sonam Lhosar 2857 today, Minister Thapa said that government has amended the public holiday cut down for festivities like Maghi and Lhosar among others.

Thapa reaffirmed his commitment that the Council of Ministers would declare public holidays on some festivities soon and those new holidays will be included in the new calendar.

People representing various ethnic communities had submitted a memo to ensure public holiday on their major festivals. He lamented that the indigenous communities and people from various religious faiths were not able to relish a position in the society.

The Minister also expressed his sorrow for them not being able to exercise their right for preservation of their language, religion and tardyons. According to him, it was imperative to improve the economic status of the indigenous communities. RSS