Distribution of SIM cards to community school students

Rampur, July 27 : Rambha Rural Municipality in Palpa district has decided to provide SIM Cards free of cost to the students of community schools in order to facilitate their online education.

The rural municipality is to provide the SIM Cards to the students so that they could be able to take their online classes in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. The students and teachers can communicate by phone with the close user group SIM Cards distributed free of cost.

The free SIM card distribution was begun with the budget of some Rs. 320 thousand under the COVID special programme. The programme falls under the federal conditional grant scheme, said Chair of Rambha Rural Municipality, Bishnu Prasad Bhandari.

The students from Grade 6 to 12 will be benefitted by the scheme. However, priority is given to those without having access to internet, family with low income, and are away from schools, he added. RSS