Number of viral patients up at District Hospital, Jaleshwor

Jaleshwor, July 28: Number of patients suffering from viral fever has increased all of sudden at District Hospital, Jaleshwor, in Mahottari district.

Medical Superintendent and acting office Chief of the Hospital, Dr. Satish Sah, said that number of viral fever patients visiting the hospital has increased for the past six to seven days. Of the patients visiting the hospital, 60-70 per cent are found suffering from viral fever, he added.

Around 50 people suffering from viral fever visit the hospital daily, shared Sah. Number of viral fever patients has increased due to excessive heat during day time and rainfall in the night at Tarai-Madhesh area for the past few days.
Sah urged all to pay attention on food, hygiene, to drink to more water and liquids and to follow health safety protocols. RSS