Iran mourns slain senior military commander

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Prominent Iranian politicians and clerics led mourners at a funeral Thursday for a senior commander of the country’s powerful Revolutionary Guards

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Valentine’s Day under attack in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Romance is not dead in Pakistan, but it’s under attack. Conservatives in Pakistan tacked up posters urging people to boycott Valentine’s Day on Thursday, saying it’s a western-inspired event

South Korea flexes missile power after North test

SEOUL: Two days after North Korea´s nuclear test, South Korea touted Thursday the deployment of a new cruise missile capable of hitting targets in the North “anywhere, anytime”. The defence

EU ministers call for emergency meat testing

BRUSSELS; European Union nations on Wednesday called for more intensive testing for a month to try to contain the scandal in which horsemeat was sold as beef. The emergency meeting

Clashes mark Bahrain’s second uprising anniversary

MANAMA, Bahrain: Anti-government protesters in Bahrain have set up roadblocks and clashed with security forces amid high tensions on the second anniversary of the uprising in the Gulf nation. The demonstrators on Thursday included groups

Suicide bombers attack Pakistani police station

BANNU, Pakistan: Pakistani police say five suicide bombers attacked a police station in the country’s northwest, wounding one police officer. Nisar Tanoli says three of the bombers detonated their explosive vests while the police shot dead the

NATO airstrike kills 10 civilians, Afghans say

KABUL, Afghanistan: A NATO airstrike struck two houses, killing 10 Afghan civilians and four insurgents near the Pakistani border, officials said Wednesday. President Hamid Karzai condemned the attack, the latest in a

Netanyahu ally: Diplomacy won’t work with Iran

JERUSALEM: A powerful partner of Israel’s prime minister says sanctions and negotiations will not stop Iran from pursuing its disputed nuclear program. Former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says North Korea’s nuclear test was an “obvious example” of diplomacy failing

Thai marines kill 16 militants who attacked base

NARATHIWAT, Thailand: Marines fending off a major militant assault on their base in Thailand’s violent south killed 16insurgents in an overnight shootout, authorities said Wednesday. It was the deadliest toll

Official says Afghanistan ready to take over

KABUL, Afghanistan: A Kabul official has welcomed President Barack Obama’s decision to bring home half of the 66,000 American troops in Afghanistan with the next year, saying Afghan forces are