Kuwait arrests opposition leader over emir comments

KUWAIT (Reuters) – Kuwaiti authorities arrested an opposition leader late on Monday after he made comments viewed as critical of the Gulf Arab state’s ruler,

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Iran bans export of 50 goods as sanctions bite: report

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iran banned the export of around 50 basic goods, its media said on Tuesday, as the country takes steps to preserve supplies of essential items in the

South Africa police fire rubber bullets at striking miners

RUSTENBURG, South Africa (Reuters) – South African police fired rubber bullets and teargas on Tuesday at striking Amplats miners who were protesting against a union-brokered deal to end a six-week

India’s UPA government reshuffles cabinet, inducts 22 ministers

NEW DELHI: In a mega reshuffle, 22 ministers, including seven of cabinet rank, were inducted into the Manmohan Singh government in what is seen as the last such exercise by

5th Tibetan in week sets self on fire in China

BEIJING (AP) — A man in his early 20s has become the fifth Tibetan in a week to set himself on fire and die in a county in far-western China

Saudi authorities disperse anti-Assad protest in Mecca

MECCA (Reuters) – Saudi authorities quickly dispersed a protest by hundreds of Syrian pilgrims calling for the fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and denouncing what they said was international

7.7 magnitude quake hits Canada’s British Columbia

(Reuters) – A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 hit Canada’s Pacific coastal province of British Columbia late Saturday, setting off a small tsunami, but there were no immediate

Israel kills Hamas gunman, Gaza salvo hits Israeli city

GAZA (Reuters) – Israel killed a Hamas gunman it accused of preparing to fire a rocket from the Gaza Strip on Sunday and a separate Palestinian salvo struck a southern

US commander in Japan apologizes for rape case

TOKYO (AP) — The commander of U.S. forces in Japan apologized Friday for a case in which two American sailors allegedly raped a woman in Okinawa, and said all U.S.

China's President Hu Jintao (L) talks with former President Jiang Zemin
China power brokers agree preferred leadership team – sources

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s three most powerful men have come up with preferred candidates to head up the nation’s incoming new leadership team, sources said, in a ticket that includes