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FMT fixes goat price at Rs 550 and Rs 730 per kg

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Dashain goat market

Food Management and Trading Company (FMT) has fixed the price of the live goat at Rs 550 per kilogram and mountain goat at Rs 730

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Traffic management in the Kathmandu Valley
500 volunteers mobilized to manage valley traffic

According to the Division, volunteers from 23 schools and colleges, two youth clubs and 16 transport offices have been mobilized in the valley streets under the Youth Mobilization Year-2076, while

Pre-booking of ticket for Dashain opens (In pictures)

Every year, millions of city dwellers leave the valley to their hometown to celebrate the biggest festival of the country. According to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, over 3 million

Kojagrat Poornima
Kojagrat Purnima being observed today 

Nepali Hindus are observing the Kojagrat Poornima (full moon day) today as part of the final day of the 15-day Bada Dashain festival by worshiping and paying homage to Mahalaxmi,

Dashain Festival Begins from Today (Photo Feature)

"Navaratri Parba" or the nine-night festival of Bada Dashain, the great festival of the Hindu religious people of Nepal, commenced from Thursday. 

6,000 public vehicles to provide transport service in Dashain

Daily 6,000 public vehicles will provide transport services to the passengers to the safe destination during Dashain festival. With huge exodus of people moving out from the Kathmandu valley for Dashain

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Congress and UML organising reception to mark festival season

KATHMANDU: The Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN (UML) are to organise a tea reception on the occasion of the Vijaya Dashami, Deepawali, Eid, Chhath festivals and the Nepal Sambat tomorrow

Here is how Nepalese hero and heroins celebrating Dashain

KATHMANDU: Dashain is one of the biggest and widely celebrated festivals. And while we commoners are celebrating it, our actors and actress have also gone home or on foreign tour

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Dashain celebrations escalate, people return home closing offices

KATHMANDU: Dashain celebrating has escalated across Nepal on Sunday on the seventh day of the ten day festival.  Fulpati an assortment of flowers, leaves and fruits of different plants considered