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Committee formed to hold discussion on guthi bill

Guthi Bill

A working committee of guthiyars has been formed in order to hold discussion among guthiyars over the guthi bill recently brought by the government as

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Lal Babu Pandit is in no position to continue his post as minister: Raj Kishor Yadav (With Video)

"Who is he? He is just a minister. But the State Affairs Committee is a mini parliament. I think Pandit has lost his mind,” he fumed."One of the reasons behind

Guthi Bill
Govt officially withdraws controversial Guthi Bill from National Assembly

The government has officially withdrawn the controversial Guthi Bill registered at the National Assembly on Tuesday.The National Assembly unanimously endorsed the proposal on the withdrawal of the Guthi bill tabled

Guthi Bill
Guthi bill will be revised and tabled again: Minister Aryal (With Video)

The government will hold discussion with stakeholders and bring a new revised Guthi Bill, said Padma Kumari Aryal, minister of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation.

Guthi Bill
Why did ‘serious’ Prime Minister Oli point finger at Dhamala? (With video)

On Tuesday, immediately after finishing his speech at a press conference in Singha Durbar, Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli was seen pointing fingers at Reporters’ Club Nepal President Rishi

Guthi Bill
Thousands gather at Maitighar Mandala demanding cancelation of Guthi Bill

Following a public pressure from traditional Guthi supporters, stakeholders, opposition Nepali Congress and lawmakers from ruling Nepal Communist Party, the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation withdrew the

NC obstructs parliament, bars PM from speaking as meeting adjourned until Wednesday (With video)

“Due to opposition NC’s obstruction of the parliament by picketing the rostrum, I could not address the parliament about my recent Europe visit, Guthi Bill and other contemporary issues. It

Guthi Bill
PM Oli unhappy as controversial Guthi Bill awaits final call

The public disagreement against the proposed Guthi Bill at a time when the government has vowed to reclaim all the encroached lands by the next year and promising stern action

Guthi Bill
NC expresses solidarity with protest against Guthi Bill, demands immediate withdrawal

The main opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) has expressed solidarity with the protest pro-Guthi supporters, stakeholders and culture activists who have launched protest against the controversial Guthi Bill, recently registered

Guthi Bill
Guthi Bill can be revised, says PM Oli

“The Guthi Bill covers issues like culture, tradition, religion and the ownership and rights of peasants. The proposed law might not be correct. This is people’s government. The government will