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Nicilas Maduro, Chavez heir chosen President of Venezuela

Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan electoral officials say voters have narrowly elected Hugo Chavez’s hand-picked successor as president in a razor-close special election Sunday. Winner Nicolas Maduro campaigned on a promise to

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Tensions up in Venezuela after polls close

CARACAS, Venezuela: Voters chose Sunday between the hand-picked successor who campaigned to carry on Hugo Chavez’s self-styled socialist revolution and an emboldened second-time challenger who warned that the late president’s

Venezuela sets presidential election for April 14

CARACAS, Venezuela: Venezuelans will vote April 14 to choose a successor to Hugo Chavez, the elections commission announced Saturday as increasingly strident political rhetoric begins to roil this polarized country.

Nicolas Maduro sworn in as Venezuelan president

CARACAS, Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro was sworn in Friday as Venezuela’s acting president, using the occasion to launch blistering attacks on the U.S. as well as the political opposition, which objected

Chavez body to be put on permanent display

CARACAS, Venezuela: Hugo Chavez’s body will be preserved and forever displayed inside a glass tomb at a military museum not far from the presidential palace from which he ruled for

Key dates in Hugo Chavez’s political life

Key events in Hugo Chavez’s life: Feb. 4, 1992 — Army paratrooper Lt. Col. Chavez leads botched coup against President Carlos Andres Perez. Faces possible 30-year prison term. March 26,

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez dies from cancer

CARACAS: President Hugo Chavez died on Tuesday after a two-year battle with cancer, ending 14 years of tumultuous and divisive rule that won him passionate support among the poor but

Chavez’s breathing problems worsen, has severe new infection

CARACAS: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s breathing problems have worsened and he is suffering from a “severe” new respiratory infection as he struggles to recover from cancer surgery, the government said

Venezuela says Chavez receiving chemotherapy

CARACAS, Venezuela: Venezuela´s government has revealed for the first time that President Hugo Chavez has been receiving chemotherapy as he “continues his battle for life” since undergoing a fourth cancer

Photos of Hugo Chavez shown after 2-month absence

CARACAS, Venezuela: The world got its first glimpse of Hugo Chavez since he underwent a fourth cancer-related surgery in Cuba more than two months ago, with photos released Friday showing the Venezuelan leader smiling alongside