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India “open to engaging with Nepal on basis on mutual sensitive and respect”

-Reporters' Club Nepal

India is open to engaging with Nepal on the basis of mutual sensitivity and mutual respect in an environment of trust and confidence to resolve

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India has vested interest to see Nepal progress and progress rapidly: Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri

INTERVIEW: Indian Ambassador to Nepal his Excellency Shri Manjeev Singh Puri was interviewed at length by President of the Reporters Club and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala. Ambassador Puri is credited

India-Nepal relations being ruined for vested interest: Will resolve dispute through dialogue and consensus GoI

KATHMANDU, Nov 7: The Government of India (GoI) has officially made a statement on the recent dispute of Kalapani and Lipulek. Organizing a press conference at the Ministry of External

Galvanizing Nepal –India Relations: Push for potent mechanism

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: Former Ambassador to Denmark and the Executive Chairperson of the Centre for Social Inclusion and Federalism Prof. Vijay Kant Karna spoke at length with Nepali Reporter Executive

Prospective transformation: From mendicancy to negotiation

KATHMANDU, Aug 20: Dr. Sundar Mani Dixit provided a holistic overview of Nepal-India relations on the eve of the fifth India-Nepal Joint Commission meeting to be held in Kathmandu. Talking

Joint Commission Meeting advantageous: Development opportunities for Nepal

KATHMANDU, Aug 20: Former Ambassador to India Dr. Durgesh Man Singh stressed on the importance of the current meeting of the India-Nepal joint commission. Talking at a program organized in