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North Korea holds 70th anniversary parade, without ICBMs

N Korea

  Sept 9: Thousands of North Korean troops paraded through Pyongyang Sunday as the nuclear-armed country celebrated its 70th birthday, followed by artillery and tanks,

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Trump and Kim
North Korea summit could still happen: Trump

One day after abruptly pulling the plug on a high-stakes summit with North Korea, US President Donald Trump said Friday the meeting with Kim Jong Un could go ahead after

What a ‘good’ job looks like in North Korea

Kim Jong Un may live a life of luxury, but most North Koreans struggle just to get by. Here's a look at what the job prospects are like inside the

North Korea
Road to N Korea’s denuclearization is littered with failure

While Seoul and Washington welcomed Pyongyang’s declaration on Saturday to suspend further intercontinental ballistic missile tests and shut down its nuclear test site, the past is littered with failure.

Hwasong-15, ICBM, North Korea
N. Korea fires ICBM, ‘most powerful weapon yet’

After 2 ½ months of relative quiet, North Korea launched its most powerful weapon yet early Wednesday, claiming a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile that some observers believe could

Donald Trump, China, North Korea
China sending envoy to North Korea following Trump visit

Following President Donald Trump’s visit to Beijing, China said Wednesday that it would send a high-level special envoy to North Korea amid an extended chill in relations between the neighbors

Donald Trump, Trump's Asia visit, China, Xi Jinping, North Korea
Trump optimistic on trade, North Korea after China talks

President Donald Trump on Thursday criticized the “very one-sided and unfair” trade relationship between the US and China, but stopped short of castigating Chinese President Xi Jinping by saying he

Donald Trump, China, North Korea, Trump's Asia visit
Trump to push China on trade, North Korea during 2-day visit

President Donald Trump will push China on trade and North Korea during a two-day visit in which he will cajole, flatter and scold the rising Asian power.

Trump piles on new economic sanctions against North Korea

President Donald Trump has added economic action to his fiery military threats against North Korea, authorizing stiffer new sanctions in response to the Koreans’ nuclear weapons advances.

North Korea
Defiant N. Korea leader says he will complete nuke program

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country is nearing its goal of “equilibrium” in military force with the United States, as the United Nations Security Council strongly condemned