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Political world reacts to Obama’s ‘Trayvon’ moment

President Obama says he doubts whether he or any other politician could play a lead role in a national “conversation” about race in America today.

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In this July 15, 2013, photo President Barack Obama speaks during a ceremony to present the 5,000th daily Point of Light Award to Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton
Obama: Immigration debate will slip into the fall

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama on Tuesday conceded that an immigration overhaul cannot be achieved by his August deadline. With House Republicans searching for a way forward on the issue, the

Obama protesters rally near hospital treating Mandela

PRETORIA: Hundreds of people in the South African capital Pretoria demonstrated on Friday against a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama, marching near a hospital where anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela

Obama’s Berlin speech: History raises the stakes

BERLIN: Five years and 50 years. As President Barack Obama revisits Berlin, he can’t escape those anniversaries and the inevitable comparisons to history and personal achievement. With his own 2008

Obama says he won’t comment on Israeli airstrike

Costa Rica: President Barack Obama says he won’t comment on an Israeli airstrikeagainst Syria that targeted a shipment of advanced missiles believed to be headed for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Israeli officials on Saturday

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Obama: US, Latin America must strengthen economies

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica: President Barack Obama came toLatin America eager to move the region’s relationship with the U.S. beyond fighting drugs and organized crime, yet the pervasive problems still trailed him throughout his

Obama jokes about radical 2nd term changes

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama joked Saturday about his plans for a radical second-term evolution from a “strapping young Muslim Socialist” to retiree golfer, all with a new hairstyle like first

Letter addressed to Obama contained Ricin; Senate office buildings evacuated

A letter addressed to President Barack Obama was found to contain Ricin Wednesday, the FBI announced, the same day Senate office buildings were partially evacuated following the discovery of “suspicious

Obama White House embraces Yoga amid conservative contortions

WASHINGTON: The White House has wholeheartedly embraced Yoga as a worthy physical activity at a time some schools inAmerica are railing against the ancient Indian practice, saying it promotes Hinduism.

Obama warns of ‘enclave for extremism’ in Syria

Jordan: President Barack Obama warned Friday that an “enclave for extremism” could fill a leadership void in war-torn Syria, a chilling scenario for an already tumultuous region, especially for Jordan,