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Gunmen kill 11 foreign tourists in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Gunmen killed 11 foreign tourists before dawn Sunday as they were visiting one of the world’s highest mountains in a remote area of northern

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Pakistani parliament elects Nawaz Sharif as PM

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s parliament elected Nawaz Sharif as prime minister on Wednesday, marking a historic transfer of power in a country that has undergone three military coups. Now Sharif faces the

Sharif to take office for third term as Pakistan PM

ISLAMABAD: Nawaz Sharif will take office as prime minister of Pakistan for an unprecedented third term on Wednesday, setting the seal on the country´s first ever democratic transfer of power.

Pakistan’s new parliament set to be sworn in

ISLAMABAD: Newly elected members of Pakistan’s National Assembly are preparing to be sworn in, officially marking the first transition of power between democratically elected governments in the 66-year history of

US drone kills 4 militants in Pakistan

Pakistan:A pair of suspected U.S. missiles fired from an unmanned aircraft killed four alleged militants early Wednesday near the Afghan border in Pakistan, intelligence officials said, the first drone strike

16 children, 1 teacher dead in Pakistan bus fire

Pakistan: Police say that a teacher was among the 17 burned to death in eastern Pakistan when a minibus taking children to school suddenly caught fire. Police earlier said that

Former Pakistani PM Pervez Musharraf granted bail

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – A Pakistani court on Monday granted bail to former army chief and president Pervez Musharraf who has been under house arrest on charges of failing to provide

Pakistani politician gunned down in Karachi

KARACHI: Gunmen have killed a Pakistani politician from Imran Khan´s party in the southern port city of Karachi on the eve of a partial re-run of May 11 polls that

Bombs at mosques in northwest Pakistan kill 10

Pakistan: Police say bombings at two mosques in northwest Pakistan have killed at least 10 people. Tribal police officer Badshah Rehman says the blasts Friday in Baz Darrah village in the Malakand district of

Former Pakistani prime minister declares victory

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared victory following a historic election marred by violence Saturday, a remarkable comeback for a leader once toppled in a military coup and