Party unification with UCPN (Maoist) and CA election unlikely: Baidya

Nepal CPN Maoist Mohan Baidya Kiran

Mohan Baidya aka “Kiran” is a leading communist leader in Nepal. He is the Chairman of the oft quoted “hardliner’ communist party; CPN-Maoist. Nepalireporter’s Rishi Dhamala recently caught up with this communist ideologue and discussed issues concerning proposed Constituent Assembly (CA) elections, his party and its alliance’s denial to join them and the proposed unification of his party with the UCPN (Maoist). Here are the excerpts:

What are discussions between you and UCPN Maoist centered on?

We have been discussing issues related to the proposed CA elections with various political parties. Talks with them (UCPN Maoist leaders) were also part of it. Though we have talked about these issues earlier also, this time around also the talks revolved around it.

Did Prachanda propose for party unification?

No, he did not. There is no possibility of party unification presently and the issue was not raised in the talks.

But the Chinese leaders advised for party unification? Isn’t it?

We have separated. Our parties are moving ahead with our own ideologies. We have our own ideologies and perceptions. In such circumstances there is no possibility of party unification. It is good of Yang Jeichi to advise neighboring nations’ politician on moving forward jointly, but in the end its our choice on how we want to move ahead. Its our choice to move ahead as per our party’s principle and ideology.

Is Chinese assistance necessary to bring both of your parties together?

No, absolutely not. Some can think about this issue positively, but we don’t want anyone to take initiatives in this regard. Good friends and international community can wish that we may unite.

On Monday Jeichi nonetheless advised to you to unite. Isn’t it?

We haven’t even met. Media circulated reports that were not authentic. As I have not met him, how can I say that i have met him and he advised me to unify party with the UCPN Maoist? I am amazed why media circulated such news even though only my colleagues had held discussion with Mr. Jeichi during Tuesday’s program.

Nonetheless unification of two parties was expressed?

Its positive, if such a desire was expressed.

But if the same desire was expressed by India, than it would have been interference?

We don’t perceive every Indian statements in negative light. There are certain power there also who wish Nepal’s prosperity and development. We take suggestions positively but decide whether we should accept or reject them after analyzing them. We are independent and sovereign and our decisions should be ours. Unification of both parties are just baseless rumors and I don’t have to speak lies.

So your parties are not unifying?
Yes, there is not possibility of party unification right now. We have separated and we both have different ideologies and principles, there fore there is no possibility of unification.

Are you mulling to cooperate in CA elections?
Presently cooperation in CA elections also does not seems possible. We are in negotiations and if our demands are not addressed than we won’t even participate in the CA elections. But that does not means that we are against holding CA elections. But in status quo, we will boycott elections. Primary step towards creating conducive environment should be created by stopping the present process to hold CA elections and than holding meaningful discussions on our demands. Once our demands are addressed and we decide to contend the election than we will think of making electoral alliances.

Will your parties unite, if Prachanda proposes to unify party in your leadership?

We’ll this is a hypothetical question. Its not possible at all.

What is the possibility of commits parties to face elections jointly?

Some communist parties are limited to their names only. They lack communist faith. Even though the erstwhile CA had 62 percent communist parties, they could not unite. However unification between true communist parties is essential.

So what happens if election is held on November 19?

Even though politicians are saying that the elections will be held on November 19. But we don’t think its possible. And even if it happens we will boycott it actively. This will be not for the first time that we will boycott elections.