Force within 4-parties is against Baidya’s participation in CA elections

Nepali Congress leader and former deputy prime minister Sujata Koirala (File Photo)

Sujata Koirala is often noted for quick decision and frank note of dissent against own and other political party leaders. Nepali Reporter’s Rishi Dhamala recently talked with this Nepali Congress’s influential women leader on the ongoing efforts of political parties to hold CA elections. Here are the excerpts:

Does Congress think that CA elections are possible without CPN Maoist’s participation?

Central committee meeting of the party is scheduled for next week and this meeting is expected to come up with party’s official stand on the issue. But in my personal opinion, I think that all the parties should be participating in the CA elections as the only purpose of the election is to draft the constitution. And such an task should be done in consensus. The election cannot be held through the consensus of four parties alone and therefore all parties should be taken into confidence. This will ensure free, fair and impartial elections.

What is Congress’ plan to bring disgruntled parties into confidence?

Party President Sushil Koirala is presently in talks with all those disgruntled political parties. Objections and demands of those parties should be identified and efforts should be made to address them for paving way to their participation in the CA elections. Decisions taken by the major political parties by keeping any of the political party cannot be successful in holding CA elections.
Aren’t four parties doing all the things around?

Yes, they are doing. But they haven’t succeeded in moving ahead. Nepali Congress should move ahead by incorporating consensus, cooperation and unity. Continuous efforts are necessary for success and Congress should not leave any stone unturned.

So Nepal can’t have CA elections if disgruntled don’t join it?

Well, its not like that. They will definitely join elections. They are in talks with the government and i have heard that these talks are moving in positive direction as they have shown greater flexibility in their demands. But their talks with four parties have been not positive comparatively. There is a need to figure out issues that are not compatible between them and efforts should be made to address them. There is a force within the four party that does not wants these disgruntled political parties to join CA election.

Which of the four parties might be the one?

When they hold talks with the talks are positive but when they hold talks with four parties on the same issue, the talks don’t yield positive results. Why? There is some conspirator within the four parties and we are trying to nail it down. These conspiracies cannot move any further, it has to be stopped to secure democracy.

Can Congress bring Maoist into confidence when it will lead HLPM?

So far Congress has not been able to take appropriate decision due to lack of discussion on the issue in the central committee meeting. Two three leaders have been running the party and this trend has seriously damaged party’s image and standing on important issues. We are trying to figure out power centers within the party that avert central committee meetings.

Though party president Koirala is presently is in talks with the disgruntled political parties, the efforts are not sufficient. The party should officially form a team to hold such talks. The team should represent members with independent views so as to avert domination of a single group.

The HLPM succeeded in bringing Upendra Yadav led group in CA elections?

Well I was confident that their group will join. Yadav’s group and the four parties have lot of common grounds and it was not difficult to address their demands. But the challenge is to bring the CPN Maoist and it allies into confidence because they have lots of differences.