Rudra Bahadur Karki, May 27, 2014. Karjnahaa is a small and beautiful village situated in Siraha district of Nepal. Despite being a small area, the fame and name of the land is beyond the broader and over the world. The repute is in regard of the place being the birth land of Dr Upendra Mahato, entrepreneur, social activist and the first and ex-chair of Non Resident Nepalese (NRN). Mr. Mahato and his family are in pious aim of developing his village and vicinity as mini-Singapore and have been immersing on it. Besides managing schools, hospitals, old-ages homes, and other institutions of social services, the extensive care of integrated development is being care-taken by the brother of Mahato: Dr. Birendra Prasad Mahato. He correctly urges that the development of nation is mere a pipedream sans advancement and prosperity of the villages. ‘Material property irrespective of volume won’t assure the real satisfaction which can be based on social services’ he postulates.
The renowned figure in socially benevolent activities, Dr. Mahato was born in 1972 AD in a simple agricultural family of Karjnahaa village. He was fortunate of being fathered and mothered by Ramashis Mahato and Fulkumari Mahato respectively, as the second son in their family. After completion of schooling level education from village based school, he steeped India for higher level education in science. To continue it, he decided to sojourn Russia in 1993 AD. To quest the thrust of advanced level academic status, he earned prestigious academic honor ‘PhD in Management’ from Belarus State Economics University then commenced working in Sypris Federal Bank and one factory in the very land. However only the foreign based struggle appealed him less then returned Nepal and started to involve in various socio-economic activities. In last 7 years, he has successfully adduced his skills by contributing nation as an executive at Sanima Hydropower, Standard Finance and Machhapuchhre Bank Limited respectively.
He equally adores and extols with eulogy to all people who work better and with benevolence in motive. Nonetheless provided he has any role model, that is non-other than his brother, the redoubtable entrepreneur Dr Upendra Mahato. Dr Upendra has boundlessly influenced his life. Besides it, he ever willed for an indiscrete and esteemed identity from childhood and today that has been well materialized.
Even he has degree in Law, pursued from Hari Khetan Multiple Campus of Birgunj. Despite having education, he grew reluctant to practice it as commonly law graduates do. During his studies, he accepted the responsibility of secretary of All Nepal Free Student Union (sister-wing of CPN UML) base unit, Birgunj Campus. From the then period’s college life till slight and short prior to second constituent assembly’s election, he was deemed as an associate of CPN UML. In contrary of common calculation, the proposal of nominating him in proportionate constituent assembly member on behalf of Madheshi Democratic Forum led by Upendra Yadav, the politics took a U turn.
He had deep passion of contesting in direct election from his own constituency Siraha no 5, where he has done plenty of social services and welfare acts. As being a popular character, he ever willed to honour public reciprocation and wrapped gratified with it. it was quite natural to Mahato to have popularity in the area because of his guileless services like: a plus 2 college in Bandipur run by Fulkumari Mahato Memorial Trust (established in honour of his mother late Fulkumari Mahato), a well facilitated hospital in Karjnahaa made in expense of 22 corers Nepalese currency, old-age homes in Golbazar, and other initiations taken for temple construction and supply of drinking water, respectively.

Dr. Birendra Mahato

He had a round and series of frequent visits in village. In reference of his nature as development friendly, youth empowerment activist and employment generator, locals had begun to dream him as the authentic representative into state level. Due to some reasons, he didn’t file nominations in the area nonetheless he never failed in visiting people and place once a month.
His association to Madheshi Democratic Forum, a political party born and brought up in ground of Madhesh movement is never an unnatural step. He had deep pain of long term entrenched injustice, exploitation, torture, molestation, discrimination and marginalization or othering of Madhesh based people and equally powerful dream as well as conviction of evacuating them and dignifying the people and place with some worthy contributions on his behalf. His wavelength on impossibility of dignifying Madhesh land unless empowering people there matched with the norm of MDF, Madhesh Democratic Forum. It eased him to accept the offer on position.
He is selected as member in second Constituent Assembly but has not been able to convince self and people about safe and sound promulgation of the first federal and republican constitution since the politics is disgustingly knotted in power game of arithmetic calculation for majority and minority. The scene of shadowing the member with true, just and honest expression as per public sentiment, from each of political parties has left him crestfallen. Still he is inflexibly convinced that development and prosperity of nation should be initiated, ignited and invited by self; depending towards other is projecting the death of dreams sooner.DR. BBB

Alike all, he feel proud to say that Nepal is small but inexplicably beautiful and naturally well decorated and cosmetised country. Crops can be cultivates thrice a year or more. No lacking of human resource is counted. But this like of fortunate country has present day misfortune to send 40 lakhs young in exodus in others’ countries for search of job. Largest budget of nation goes to education and its ministry but the outcome is negligible and meager. If Uttam Sanjel alone, with limited resource, can educate thirty eight thousand students in comparatively quite cheaper fees (hundred rupees per person), why not our government loves to dare for the same? How long does it slumber? Dr. Mahato grills.
Dr Mahato is never ready to accept a so called invented grand narrative that Nepalese are poverty stricken people. Except some remote districts, he questions as how are we poor? Everyone has been able to food and feed, to wear and consume as willed. Had we been poor, we would have started to earn with sweats. But he alleges that people are not much worried for work since they have sufficiency of money. Dr. Mahato believes that provided each and every individual honestly delves in areas of expertise and interest, we even don’t need five years to take Nepal on path of bright sunlight from valley of darkness and failure as it has today.
In course of discharging his duty the nation, currently, he is as member in constitution drafting cum identification committee and public expense observation committee (Lekha Parisad) in constituent assembly and legislative assembly respectively. He has well internalized that post is only for prestige. Never he believes and thinks that being Prime-minister or position holder is mandatory to initiate changes and acquire development. So is the conclusion because he has already accomplished the jobs which some other people have never been able of doing though they are or were ministers. Social service is now his both passion and satisfaction.
Due to multifold onuses, he is rarely found in leisure. Even in free time, he has habit of going through books. Though traveling truly tantalizes him, after being CA member, managing time for such is being a tough job. Sometimes, he enjoys going to movie with all family members. Despite not having personal relationship with artists, he normally loves to attend various functions. Twelve years back, he had an arrange marriage with Priti Kumari of India, Madhuban. Being blessed with two sons named Taniks and Tanyam, he has a happy family life now. All the brothers live in separate houses but are not legally separated for inheritance.