Federalism was galapaso: Chairman KC

Chairman of the National People’s Front, Chitra Bahadur kesisamga the conversation with journalist Rishi Dhamala Excerpts:

How likely see a consensus?

The possibility of such a consensus does not seem right.
Why nadekhnubhaeko possibility? You also have consensus in favor of today’s day is not it?
Coming cord is his selfishness. The leaders and the people of the nation do not selfishness has little effect.

Why were the leaders and the people of the nation no longer desire to work incapable?

According to the work of the leaders of the nation and the people’s wish can be fulfilled his personal ambition. Now factional interests not complete. If you really wanted to serve people and the nation, but in that case the business is underway. That personal and factional interests the whole of bulletins, politics himself banaunucha Kulin, after installing Skype now so where does that?

What country is the constitution is needed?

The country was not free from humans constitution, the constitution dinuparneharulai is not needed. Constitution cahiepani their own exercises the Constitution is needed. Their personal interests and factional interests of the whole constitution is needed, and it manidinuparnecha others.

The constitution is needed for the country, the leader is not for you?

Written constitution for the country and the people since it is free of the previous duivarsamai lekhisakinthyo.

But also for the initiatives you’ve done it so did not?

We would not taukai phorepani. Nepali people who do not have conclusive that they could write the constitution banaunuparyo Constitution.

Constitution to the NC and UML should continue?

NC, UML and regional sampradayikaharusamga ethnic sampradayikaharu latarinuhumdaina now. So far there are latarieka. Vestigia latarinubhayo until now has remained extremely helpful set the trend. The Constituent Assembly is not in opposition, but his agenda NC and UML teams called hidaune sadantrakari game which is undergoing it latarinuhumdaina NC and UML. These two parties in favor of democratic living on drdhatapurvaka.

The constitution is not issued Agreement and?

Agreement is the welfare of the nation and the people should be free constitution. Ethnic and regional constitution in favor of making, the country’s nationality, sovereignty and integrity of the wreck exactly the kind of activities that deal?
Today, the major political parties, no consensus about the constitution should have the option?
If we are to agree that we should agree that not even the national janamorcasamga?  There must also have your party consensus opinion? If so, those who are gathered in groups of 20 were reported how much public opinion is?

30 different parties have consensus, cooperation and samajhadarimai go forward is what is?

It is not the sort of no gainsay. But the agreement should make his favor, he agreed that I should put politics is the restoration is carried. National Jana federalism for the Nepalese people are foreigners badhidieko galapaso galapaso throw it stands out in the field utrinuparcha the Nepalese people, said. So if you like to nationality and that this country can not be renewing federalism other party to agree that not so?
Why can not federalism? Federalism is not the agenda of the Nepalese people and?
Federalism humdaihoina Nepali people.

Why more people were in favor of federalism came Khula on March 16 so?

No, Pashupati also Shivaratri people believe it is free. People gathered does everything it? The purpose of the gathering, too, There must be.
Federalisation of the Madhesi parties without, so the deal is what really happened?

Agreement was that we do not go out with the whole garnupardathyo. The Agreement was signed with camest tyativelai whole to do. Who were the previous four years of dabbling? Now the streets are equal to the people of kurlineharulai be forewarned buhamata’s looking at were neither free? So if you came here the lack of tenants, the water was rescued yogurt is hand painasa room. Neither the strength of the constitution was not it? Do not dis people are equal in power to engage in diekovelama stands out not to break Cinco lutama vitaunuparne time, and now the first Morcha have already agreed and agreements are not laguna outlets constitution that does not assist the country in this case is?

But also agreements in the past visarna happen?

Who wants us, and? Now go to the gripping process as possible. For whatever reason, they have already akaranama agreement that was made with the same with the whole to do. Nobles also had dozens of past akaranama and now all of them can be requested? All akaranama whole of the country and the constitution can be?

Who would not sell our country constitution Constitution slow?

It is very hard. Now the process does not go. Beware if the majoritarian constitution later, and where the country finds it? As the agenda is the agenda of those who were not completed and the constitution boekeko come to be? And prosperity, is the country where? Bring prosperity for the people, and it is the federal system? All the other is shocked, but federalism or rajyapurnasanracanama that is stuck. You have not seen and flap events to forge? Do not even have to be found who can not make the federal state? It is normal vikendrakikarana.

As a nation, it is about the development of the federal system?

Sudan has been developing and? Always has been developing it? Ruvandama has been developing and? In the United States, and could then avasyakatta developed. There is the development of infrastructure, and could today. In the United States was successful, that has been successful in Australia and is a demerit that Nepal is it? Ethnic state in the United States had asked for it? Germany’s regional state, and? So what is the saghiyatama is now stuck hello?

How to. Nepali people who do not federalism that will not keep the country because of the street nautriesamma sanghiyatakai. Aulana against federalism and public streets?

Aumchana. People are seen. Will soon come. Come one day. The reason people have seen that the Constitution could not have come. It is also because of an interaction in the constitution that federalism is that people are seen. So if federalism was cut to dismiss the Nepali people federalism is this country will be repealed. Federalism severely restrain the land is put. Federalism must be dismissed. Democratic principles, the Constitution should decentralizing.

Your party is about people cry? And how the people in the streets aumchana so?

They have appeared about the pine. If the public were lost with them is imposed across the nation? The country’s constitution? The country took agragamanatira? So Congress, UML, Maoist and Madhesi parties have appeared about the pine.

Who would you now ready to be a minister nor hunosa?

Minister to be and need to earn not here. The country does not need the masses in this case. Need it against the corruption of Nepali people organized by visamgati before it is needed to build. I have argued Minister endeavor say is thank my impasse. Here in the country, Minister, Prime Minister, President and leaders of the need not to such. Here is the Minister, the Prime Minister, the President and leader of the opposition were in their culture, but this is a good character.