Now the movement is not appropriate to go: banamantri Acharya


KATHMANDU, March 18: Mahesh Acharya Minister of Forest and Soil Conservation conversation with journalist Rishi Dhamala Excerpts:

Prez movement, hence, how consensus now?

We continue to strive for sambad shame. The direct election of the Constituent Assembly, representing the people sovereignty inherent sovereign organization. I sat there discussing efforts to reach agreement on disputed issues diirahanchau We are constantly stressed. Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, Maoist Chairman Prachanda has said the same thing the meeting. As andolanatarpha thapinchana new complications. So not to waste movement, we constituent sovereign representative of the sovereign people, without validation by no means a shock to discuss the shape of the constitution to solve the few remaining disputed issues. Sambad messaging that we can reach a consensus when making a solid foundation andolanatira not go. This time it is not the way that our observations are reestablished.

Prez is how to stop the movement hence can now?

We are sambad emphasis. He would have been even movement. The decision not to totally based reestablishment of movement. Totally based sambadamai must stay, must stay bartamai and sambadabatai the rest of our constitution must tunagyaunu issues. Our amid many differences in control. As has been seen in some subjects dispute Pradesh design. There are many options when it hamivica discussions are not reestablished in the movement to go. We found them to be an effort to help justify movement bleaker than justification.

The movement is more vitholiela free messaging environment?

Sure, the movement that they are, so we just need to generate many kinds of complications bleaker side of the road to be blocked or there is no how we intend to be one of disbelief to treat the situation will not go. That is that, it is no substitute. Sambad should continue, it, we are always prepared. Hamivicama to reach a consensus on what to discuss what things the rest of the doors and build bleaker. The possibility.

Again talking about is that the process for messaging to promote?

We are a democratic party. For accusing the government responsibility is to build a comfortable atmosphere. As far as the constituent that is the process runs its own rules. I think we are against the government, even though the common perception is that the constitution must acquit. CA validation reputation with the people’s sovereign work, we should not be any. We are made up of a majority of the CA Regulations. We have made the interim constitution. Spirit of the Constitution and the rules of the CA’s reputation, people should continue conversation has been vied for honors. Now many of these issues focused objected to keeping the rest of dissension must look for solutions. Sambad and a conversation about the prathamikata shall not ddhividha on us.

How long until the Constituent Assembly sthagit?

So worth to consider is the fact that the Assembly is not sitting. The implications sambad and messaging can reach a consensus, which is trying to get it up to chance is undergoing. This opportunity should be used for messaging. We use this opportunity to reach a consensus to be bleaker. This opportunity should not be used as the assumptions that we have movement or conflict that is our effort. They had announced that he is movement, but it wherever we are sambad sambad allow us to not abandon the democratic method and process.

Opposition parties had declared their strong protest on the streets long patience is long past when you fly now?

Now that we are impasse. It makes sambad multinational environment. It can generate new kinds of complications in anguish. We have CA. Representatives with responsibility for the construction of a constitution, we have come. Our amid objected to such a subject which may be inaccessible to consensus. Sagurieko much because even complex movement arupaksalai sufficient opportunity to be actively involved parties now sitting sambad byavaharaharu programs do not do any lure ding alienation. We sent people to the state of the constitution. Totally based street fighting of the democratic movement stood in a position of confrontation is not good sahayatriharu amasamane. Consistently said that there is another option. This is what we now insist.

Then, the constitution should not want you to go in the process?

It is a matter of time that I have not started the process. Must call a meeting of the Constituent Assembly. Get rid of the president of the Constituent Assembly meeting we trust in the democratic process Sides method that is committed to participate in the assembly process are the go. It also participated in the constituent assembly process, we have enough. We have gone away from the party that you want to do. All entrants must be that the shape of the constituent process, we want to be involved. Now, we found them closer to the goal of the movement urged pugidaina garneho that.

The opposition alliance has told everyone who talks about tapaiharusamga?

Perhaps it may not be such a thing was said. They have also proposed the movement program sambad turned bleaker and we may, accusing basdainau not say that. So, there is the possibility to use wherever bleaker, we are to show patience and be sahanasilata. We also want to use it. But it is also true that we justify the CA and Loktantrik presented a challenge to reach any practical use, we are no longer involved.

Constitution day’m going to proceed now?

It is not only not two. Constitution to back away from what we are after that we never have hatnebhanne.

How long will take the country, is the constitution?

It is not possible to say. Any date assigned to it could be said that the Constitution does not comes. We are in favor of that as soon as the Constitution shall be gifted. It delayed the bell push actions likely to cause unfortunately seen the land. We do not intend to do it again. As quickly as possible to be able to give our constitution. As we seek the maximum consensus now take the movement of all political parties and their leaders to the duties we continue Constituent Assembly is per alert. I believe we have also agreed on the movement of the parties can bring the constitution jarigarne direction.