After the promulgation of the new course takes MAR 11: Chairman Nemwang


CA Chairman Subash Chandra Nemwang the conversation with journalist Rishi Dhamala Excerpts:
You have the options of going ahead with the constituent assembly is?

I define the sambadahinatalai Wednesday to end and once again try to sense a good initiative and held that meeting. A place with all the top senior leaders discussed. He would be committed to reach a consensus through dialogue and sambad is and has to be prepared. Let’s hope it reaches a niskarsama.
Meet how to identify point?
They had my initiation of the Constituent Assembly on January 5 and January 8 discussion was on, and the parties had reached about drafting. On that basis, by badhnusa, have urged that I tend to discuss. Based on that, the parties should discuss and should move forward.

The meeting of the top leaders said on Wednesday?

I have all their meetings were set before the major sacetakaharusamgako meeting. I was there is direct public curiosity and questions with us, I want leaders. This is what I put on Wednesday uhamharusamga. I Constituent Assembly on January 29, the next date of the meeting bastabama natokikana were stopped for an indefinite period. I want you to agree that easier. For comrade had the same demand. She smiled to say that the last time was two hours tungayaumchau. But a month amid decent even when there was no consensus comrade. When consensus is now? When consensus is and how long the CA should parkhiera Olives? It is asking the public doors. You fly himself and the constituent information, call answer, call the people said that. Parties meeting on Wednesday prastaisamga do this is to say I did not yatidinabhitrama. But they have also said that, we also have programs in our movement are. A certain date of the start of our movement is. They have said that. I said, I want you to begin movement must reach before the arc niskarsama.

MAR 11 has given you an ultimatum, he would until the agreement?

Bastavamama is our obligation to the completion of these parties and party leaders not premature. They had said to me and it has been accepted. Pahillo time I did that, our leaders could not decide on these matters VP. To be engaged in, we may not. If they had wanted to do. So I have found them is, as you puryaunusa drafting it. Must be completed puryaunai. If not from the completion of yet another manner is necessary to move forward. So the winding puryaunusa, Jan 11 deadline stopping time. So, even to sit at, discussed and agreed to CA CA. According to the agreement, we agreed to obstructions in front of comrade.

Consensus does not appear likely, now could it be?

The agreement is the first thing is easy. He also agreed consensus, a consensus process. Guys, what I am, comrades tend consent. She smiled it was agreed that a consensus on the road ahead, we obstructions. But fails to comrade did not agree, the process did not agree, I tell people to testify. People have told me to sit waiting for the doors and not now. This is not to stop, we must get niskarsama. That basis, and I have found them is, as you said, I did not agree about and process the constitution, rules and must move forward in accordance with established practice. Why, it is the law and the Constitution are made comrade. I practice what you’ve done the exercise. So much want you tend, as you do not impose consensus that the Constitution, in accordance with the rules and practice before I popularity, CA forward. So, while some may be uncomfortable. But whereas some say. According to the rules and practice constituent forward.
Prachanda then the process would not be staying in the Constituent Assembly went ahead with the allowance has testified that?
He said testimony. But I have told you everything is available in sufficient time. So far three days a month without fixing a date for the meeting of the Constituent Assembly have been suspended. The proposal before the committee on February 11 while making the same, I have spoken to. We are in favor of consensus. So this proposal garidinusa banairahamda also want you consent. It continues all the process that’s going to be discontinued when the CA homes for eighteen days, I have told you everything is available. So, when they had but it was very uncomfortable that specifies no date for when the constituent meeting said. This is to warn that the constituent meeting again on January 29 for the next time I have to postpone the date natokikana uncertain. He said they had a positive. Now atmosphere became bleaker, now made it easier for them to say. Now we said that completing the possession. The postponement of the Constituent Assembly 1 month 3 days then I am discussing. I urge to keep this in mind. How long to wait after the call so we now?

How long await you?

I said, OK, a niskarsama pugidinusa until Jan 11. Consent garidinusa. Then I will need to move forward.

March 11 parties have agreed to pursue the CA begins?

What a day it’s going to CA when I was bhanumala begins. Now only say so garidinusa to 11 yahamharule consent. The meeting also is another thing I am. I struggle between the parties at every moment, consensus before any more till I am looking for a space. I am’m giving time for space. It is also, I have placed holds. So, when the time is narrow but extraordinarily. Fourteen who agreed to pursue the CA meeting is that I should proceed, I have placed uhamharusamga.

But then, where the same is define the differences?

Deadlock not. They have also been a matter. Judicial tungagieko is, about the completion of the election process them is reached, the form of governance that rirjabhesana forward by the Chairman Dahal said. Read more about federal tungiera some visayamatrai doors. They had the snap, that the same was not two hours completing the possession. I am living in uhamharusamga continue the discussion in the past. He would be in a position to reach the completion of two ghantabhitramai.

Federalism is a complex matter what?

CA past four years more than a year of practice and practice a new assembly we have the same discussion decent. Therefore, to communicate complex question,. But how long we can be free from complex that it is a situation? How long can we wait? How long wait is reasonable? We need to say? This time we were told that a year banaisakchau constitution is not promulgated on January 8. The fragrance is that they met? Be said to convey the party and its leaders. They cited obsolete let it, then let the Constituent Assembly resolution, our rules and timetable let it. That pursuant to a decent ripe on January 8. How long we can live with that much more severe parkhiera?

However, because of the bond is needed about you?

So I was saying, sit at the bond shall be loosed. This topic is complex, but saying the party and now we have many discount nadiau leaders urged me Rishi G. They not listening to. She smiled not listening, as you will not receive immunity. You’ve done a must. By movement, dhuravikrta and, duipaksa to, fight to the country should feel embarrassed that you ever feel before Jan 11 as two hours to tungincha is. Now, it is still happening as many days left to say, it was agreed that we tungayaunusa.

Movement back to that initiative, would free the hole?

Yes, I have a meeting so the government, the Prime Minister said the first responsibility of the prime minister and the state has. Tyosamgasamgai the opposition also. With this in mind, immediately accusing parties had sat.

The movement’s program is vague on you, hope is back?

On March 11 before the subject and the process of their willingness to put up about all things tungi. Not attain. The Constitution is the law given me a responsibility. Broadens the party and its leaders entrusted with a responsibility to hurt me. YOU should be increased by the Constituent Assembly that pursuant to these Rules. The parties have agreed to set them easy to me. I have given time and the time for stopping by consensus. So now I am asking that garidinusa 11 agreed on before.

So the government and the opposition is pressure you, whose consent is?

I hear all that. It also clearly told you the way. I smiled as I said in this case that consent CA. According to consensus popularity. But if you’ve done a comrade did not consent to the constitution made by consensus, as you made the rule by consensus is, as you have an agreement with the established practice. I have in front of it in accordance with popularity. Because such forward is to move forward with it in accordance with the comrade said.

The process begins when you left vipaksilesanvidhana not mind?

I did not imagine that situation. Far stops by now estimate that even if it does instructed. In order to support this process we all lagau. The parties have agreed to support the intent is to listen, build and build an atmosphere of perpetual growth process. For the constitution to make it, not to quit.

Morcalair opposition to the constitution can be put in?

First, the consensus process is not complete guess why that is? The angle is the angle of the question to be with you who question them here. Parties must consent should nose tactic. If not consent to abide by the Constitution and must be ready to reach out. Does not that they sat us hand and foot, left. Three senior leader of the country suffering should not cheat. Thus these leaders say that you should by no means must match.