To become healthier, people should drink the pure water above 3 liters each day: Dr. Birendra Prasad Yadav

A name of early and bright emergence in domain of health service of this nation, Dr. Birendra Prasad Yadav– an Urologist of Human Organ Transplant Center Bhaktapur- is originally from Bishnupur-5 Siraha. Dr. Yadav, who
is currently involved at HOTC, a government body,  since 2012, was previously engaged in Koshi Zonal Hospital till to 2008.  Since his involvement at the center, the entire team has felt of being able to further extend the name and fame of the hospital in the field of urology and transplant. Dr. Yadav has been rightly garnering the great and valuable company of Prof. Dr. Rakesh Verma, senior consultant urologist and Dr. Pukar Chandra Shrestha, senior consultant transplant surgeon to account the every success the centre or himself has gained. Here are the some special views expressed by Dr. Yadav in regard to the field of urology and transplant.

Q: How would you like to brief about your experience in the medical field especially of urology and transplant?

Ans: I feel very excited, in a way, of being engaged in the one and only the governmental body of urology and transplant center in this nation. Besides of this, I feel proud of myself to be associated in this center as an urologist. Initially, at the time I joined the center, there used to be very less number of patients to visit our hospital but gradually, we, the entire team paid our valuable time in uplifting the hospital’s name and fame for providing quality services. The depleted esteem and trust of hospital has been slowly being regained. So I feel very relaxed in the center.

Q: What types of major cases have you successfully resolved? Can you explain in brief?

Ans: In the very beginning period, we had started from dialysis. And then, there was good increment in inflow number of patients to visit our hospital. Gradually, we advanced and upgraded ourselves into transplant services too. Till today, we have made more than 88 transplants. Like this, we have provided the full services including Urology, PCNL, URS, TURP, OIU, open pyleoplasty, simple nephrectomy, pyleolithomy, nephrolithotomy and so on. To be precise for my experience, I have successfully handled of capital.

Q: What are the salient facilities that HOTC has been providing to its patients?

Ans: In comparison of national and international hospitals, our hospital has been providing quality services in both aspect of facility and finance to our patients. Now our hospital is providing 24 hours dialysis service. We have been providing best services in very moderate cost mostly usually affordable to majority of middle the donor nephrectomy and others cases as I havealready mentioned in above.

Q: What are the main causes of Kidney damages (CKD)?

Ans: In my personal experiences, the main causes of kidney damages are as following. 70-80% of people reel with it because of Diabetes (DM) and hypertension (HTN), 20% because of CGN(chronic Glomerulonephritis), obstrative uropathy ( stone disease), CIN (chronic intershitial Nephritis), and hereditary(polycystic kidney disease) etc.

Q: What do you rate as the most exacting challenge being faced in this field of health service?

Ans: Yes, we have found some specific challenges in our field too. Being a specialist of kidney transplant surgeon, I feel that there are number of legal problems atop the rest. First of all, only the relatives can donate the kidney to their patients as the government has banned to receive from circle out of their relatives. It has caused stumbling block to many patients. Secondly, we have lack of male donors in comparison of females. Mere Kathmandu valley oriented hospitals of Kidney are not extending their services to other cities and thoroughfares. Assimilating such
limitations, we have to extend these services beyond class people as well. We have incentive to husbands, who donate kidney to their wives, by offering 50 thousand Nepali rupees.

Q:At last, what would you like to share as your experiences ?

Ans: I request to all people follow the regular check-up to be healthy. Specially, I would like to suggest that the each person should be aware of kidney disease. Especially the sugar patients and hypertentive patients should go for regular check-up of RFT, Urine R/E, M/E and USG. The kidney disease may harm the whole life, so be careful about it. To become healthier, people should drink the pure water above 3 liters each day. Managing the balance diet and avoiding the pain reliever medicine (NSAID) are other base cases to gain the health maintained. As per the latest statistics of the World Health Organization, the number of people incurring innate heart problem is tentatively from 1 to 5% of the total population.

The number, who grow or get suffered with other types of heart related diseases later on, goes up from 5 to roughly around 10 out of hundred. To make it proportionally commensurate and feasible enough to have treatment for those conditions, approximately ten lakhs cardiovascular centers are in need. Unfortunately the number of such healing centers is not even 30 in number in Nepal, where the population reads around to be three corers tentatively. Besides the poor numbers of treatment centers, the story about number of technical or medical specialists for the operation of centers is more pathetic one to count.