Student Election Should Be Banned from Nepal: Kandel

Student Election


KATHMANDU, Feb 21: 90% Nepalese politicians had started their political career at the school and colleges. I found the biggest problem in Nepalese politics is the preparation of political leaders by SPOIL system at Colleges and Universities.

Because of this, none of the student’s leaders focuses on their studies and their mind is just getting the degree to make their name and fame rather learn something for the development of the nation. It reflects that Nepal is following the system “Student Politics” and Political Alliance like in India. I want to add India is also not developed till date and the student politics is the reason.

Students are forced to adopt “identity politics” of National Political Party Alliance and get involved than studying hard to fill the parent’s dream.

And the direct involvement of Nepalese political parties in the university, students are forced to choose an alliance of National Political Party and get involved in the student’s election. Student election leads to violence inside and sometimes outside of the college area. It does not encourage the ideological debate on how we can enhance the education system of Nepal. It only counts how many seats that we received for their party and just pretending to the media that they are for the well-being of students.

No matter they are within the hierarchy of Student Unions, or they are in the position of an association, and campus politics have taken up much of their time which, to be honest, has been irreversibly wasted. And those leaders who came from the student’s government to National Politics have clearly impacted the country’s performance, and we are at this stage frankly.

How many Nepalese colleges make it top 100 or even 500 world class schools? Very few! While there are many reasons for this, student politics is one of them.

It’s time to end it. Now!