Maoist Center will become the largest party in the round two elections: Pun

Barshaman Pun, Rolpa

KATHMANDU, June 25: CPN (Maoist Center) leader Barsaman Pun has claimed that his party will emerge as the largest party in the second round of local level election. He also cleared that Maoist Center (MC) will contest alone, without forming any poll alliance in most of the local levels. Here is an excerpt of an interview between senior journalist Rishi Dhamala and leader Pun focused on MC’s polling preparation and standing of the party after polls.

What will be the standing of Maoist Center in the round two of local election?

I am incharge of the province 5. I believe that MC will emerge as the first and largest party in province no. 5

How will MC become the largest party? There has been rumor that MC might face defeat even in Rolpa district.

I have been to Rolpa and talked directly to people there. MC’s victory in Rukum and Rolpa is certain. Our party also has good political influence in Bardiya and other districts as well.

Rolpa, where the people’s war was born, is still lagging behind in development. Isn’t the district the birthplace of top political leaders like Krishna Mahara, Onsari Gharti Magar?

Yes, it is. We have initiated development works there. Other parties know this. Infrastructures like road and communication have reached there. The condition of health post have also improved.

Have these development works met people’s aspiration?

Certainly, they have. Basic infrastructures of development have reached there. Rolpa is an example of Maoist’s contribution regarding development. Our party’s agenda is peace, prosperity and development; and People’s rights.

Will MC forge poll alliance with other political parties in the upcoming election?

We will contest alone without alliance in many local levels. In some places we are forging alliance with Nepali Congress (NC). In many local levels, Biplap led Maoist are forming alliance against MC. CPN-UML and NC are also allying against us. But MC is strong and fearless.

Has Biplap led Maoist party built alliance in Rolpa?

Yes they have. They have forged alliance with NC in Thabang. Mohan Baidhya lead Maoist, UML, NC and Biplap are all here. MC is contesting in Rolpa and Rukum alone.

How do you view Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN)’s decision not to distrupt election in Terai-Madhes?

RJPN’s decision is welcomed. Had RJPN listened to the government earlier, their party cadres would have been in villages now. Many of their leaders and cadres have participated in the election.