‘The 2nd Phase Election will again disappoint New Political Parties’

Dipendra Kandel

kATHMANDU, June 27: Public Innovator Mr. Dipendra Kandel in a press release states that the upcoming 2nd phase local election will again disappoint new political parties like Naya Shakti, BibekSheel Party and Sajha Party. He stressed in his statement that “It is the need of our Nation that we need a majority government if possible and if not the same political party at the local, state and national level”.

He said that it is a fact that we never give majority to one party  in the local and national level whereas we people keep blaming parties for not developing or simple innovation in the public sector. Unfortunately, the first phase local election elected mixed candidates of the mainly three major parties such as CPN UML, Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist. However, the small and new political parties are badly disappointed by the voters.

He added that there is less chance of having  new political parties in Nepal. On the one hand, Nepalese politics is based on the spoilt cadre based system. On the other hand, there is  no media approach in the rural areas and it’s hard to relay messages to the centre of the region. Hence, they may need decades to make their party and we cannot wait even a second for innovation.

Kandel said it is a good idea to have 2 or 3 political parties in Nepal. If there are  many parties fighting in the election then we people have to vote for the major party elected in the first phase and disappoint again the new political parties.

Er. DipendraKandel is a Public Innovator, President Of Kandel Foundation – Think Tank “Innovating The Public Sector”, and a research scholar at Mohammed Bin Rashid School Of Government, Dubai conducting research “Economic Analysis Of Federalism In Nepal”.