Naya Shakti, FSFN unification: Why merger process could not materialize?

Naya Shakti, FSFN unification: Why merger process could not materialize?

KATHMANDU, Aug 2: Even though Dr Baburam Bhattarai-led Naya Shakti Party, Nepal  (NSPN) and Upendra Yadav-led Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) were on the verge of unification, the process could not materialize. FSF was supposed to make a formal decision regarding the merger at the meetings to be held on July 26, 27 and 28; instead, Dr Bhattarai ended the merger process stating that the parties had rivaled differences on various issues including understanding on federalism, political ideology and finalizing the name of the unified party.

On this context, here is an excerpt of the interview between senior journalist Rishi Dhamala and FSF Chairman Upendra Yadav.

Why did the unification between Naya Shakti and Federal Socialist Forum fail?

Efforts from both sides were made. But circumstances were not matured enough. Therefore, the merger process could not materialize.

Is it because of the differences in party policy and leadership between you and Dr Bhattarai?

Yes, It is. Some differences between parties could not make headway in the unification talks.

It has been reported that the merger process failed since you refused to hand over leadership to Bhattarai. Is it true?

Reports that surfaced on media are different thing. The truth is unification talks could not progress toward a decisive conclusion. So far finalizing the leadership is concerned, there have been practices of joint leadership. Besides, several other issues were yet to be settled.

Why did the unification process fail then?

Differences in party policies, political ideology, leadership management, organizational structure between the two parties could not make headway in the merger talks. Efforts from both sides were made, but we could not reach conclusion.

Isn’t there any chance of merger?

No. Not at the current circumstances– but discussions on merging could be carried out in the future.

Is there any possibility of FSF’s unification with any other parties on the eve of the third round of local level election?

Right away? Probably not.