Can’t argue with Deuba: KP Oli

CPN-UML Chair KP Sharma Oli, federal and provincial elections, Rishi Dhamala

As parliamentary and province assembly elections are only 10 days far, the political parties have geared up their election publicity campaign reaching door-to-door from villages to villages. The coming elections scheduled for November 26 and December 7 will witness a tough and interesting competition between the recently forged left alliance and the democratic alliance. The major left forces CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center), on the eve of the election, dramatically forged electoral alliance presenting a tough challenge to the ruling party Nepali Congress. While the NC has also formed alliance with other democratic parties Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), Rastriya Prajatantra Party (Democratic) and the Madhes-centric parties. Meanwhile, The NC has accused the left alliance of attempting to impose autonomous communist system in the country while the left parties have blamed the NC of repeatedly failing to develop the country.

Here is an interview between CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli and journalist Rishi Dhamala focusing on these matters.

Why left alliance?

First and foremost, it is important to take into consideration the need of national politics. Out next political journey will be paving the way to economic prosperity of the country while implementing the democracy. We are in a situation where we should make execution of constitution our top priority. Likewise, proper policies, national integrity and broad democratic path are other major priorities. UML and Maoist Center have forged electoral alliance to give nation a stable government. We are heading toward integrity.

What kind of result do you expect in the election?

I don’t want to say more. But, it is certain that we will secure a comfortable majority; and the output will be a stable government. Why stable government? to brag? to show arrogance? or to commit corruption? Here, we are talking about giving a stable government to meet the aspirations of people, to take the nation into the path of economic prosperity and development. Better nobody mock us.

But Prime Minister and NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba have expressed doubt that if the left alliance wins the election, communist policies will be enforced in the country. What do you say about it?

A communist government will be established in the country, and it is a must. Unless communist government is practiced, Nepal cannot be made as people have dreamt. Democratic system is an essence to a corruption free Nepal. Democracy is a communist system. Communists have fought for democracy. We, communists, know the true meaning of democracy. Communist system is a system of justice and equity, a system of state for public welfare. NC should understand it.

But PM Deuba has appealed the voters to vote NC for democracy.

Deuba partly understood us. He understood that communism will be forced in the country. But, what he has not understood is that a communist government with democracy being established. We have also been struggling for democracy. We fought for democracy, went to jail and promulgated constitution. And, ironically NC has claimed all the credit to itself only.

Hasn’t PM Deuba accused communist policy as an attempt to end democracy?

The prime minister must learn more about the world, or he doesn’t have free time perhaps. I want to say that nothing can be achieved through idle talks in the 21st century era. I want to tell the NC leaders, including PM Deuba, that our struggle and faith toward democracy cannot be compared. If there is any leader who wants to debate on this topic, we are ready.

After unification between UML and Maoist Center, will there be communism or democracy?

Like I said, the report that totalitarianism and communism will be imposed in the country is a complete hoax. These rumors surfaced unusually. I am surprised myself. We have constitution. How desperate mindset! Even the small children do not behave like that. It does not suit an old party like Nepali Congress for such activities.

It has been doubted that the left alliance, if gets majority in the election, will make Nepal like North Korea and Cambodia.

If Deuba sees North Korea when the word ‘communist’ comes into his mind, why not see ‘anti-communist’ as MARCOS?… or Saddam Hussein? Why doesn’t he think properly? Arguing with Deuba is like cutting a sprout with an axe. I can’t argue with Deuba.

We have clearly advocated for socialism. Today’s age and circumstances are not for imposing communism. NC, itself, is a member of International Socialist Organization, but trembles when the party hears about socialism. Why doesn’t NC quit the organization? The party says one of the four stars of its flag is a symbol of socialism. But if it fears so much, the party should remove one of the stars. It the party follows BP Koirala’s path, it should learn to accept socialism. Nepal is in need of a new kind of socialism, which is favorable to people, society and environment here.

How many years will it take for the left alliance to fulfill the promise it made in its election manifesto?

We have mentioned one-year, two-year, five-year, 10-year plans. All the plans will be successfully accomplished in the specified duration. We will make Nepal a modern and developed country. United Nation says: ‘Sustainable Development’. But Nepal needs rapid development. Our country is a land of fertility and productivity, thus programs we have brought are all possible.

What are the bases for fulfilling the promises?

Four million Nepali youths can be returned home by creating employment opportunities. We will participate the youths in nation building activities. The country can be made prosperous through the hydro powers, transportation, communication, tourism, agriculture and industries. Every people will be provided equal rights and opportunities. Have they called this communism?

NC has also promised development, hasn’t it?

The NC has emptied within. The party has no proper policy, ideology. They are using certificate holders so called intelligent people to pollute election environment. In the past, they started the rumor that UML will shoot elderly who are over 60 years. But, the same, UML, brought the provision allowance for the senior citizens. The NC has been promising constitution amendment not for Nepali people but for others. UML works for the welfare of people. Our party also wants constitution amendment but we cannot allow the amendment in a way that hampers our own people.

Why is the left alliance advocating for directly elected executive president?

Is directly elected executive presidential system undemocratic? I want to request NC leaders to think before they speak. Isn’t USA’s presidential system democratic? Besides, I haven’t spoken for the presidential system.

Can’t directly elected executive presidential system be dictatorial?

Isn’t the current system dictatorial? Has PM Deuba followed election code of conduct? If he can, he will do anything. We want a system based on democratic values. We not need any certificate from NC to become a democratic party.

But NC leaders have claimed that they were the ones who democratized the communists of Nepal. What do you think?

NC itself has been democratized. Is NC a democratic party like UML? What do they expect saying they democratized UML?