Vietnam visit very successful: PM Oli

Nepal-Vietnam Business Forum

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is currently on an official visit of Vietnam. The prime minister briefly talked to RSS representative Deependra Adhikari on the outcome of his visit. Excerpts:

How was Prime Minister’s Vietnam visit?

This visit was truly successful and beneficial. It has attached mainly two important aspects: firstly, the official part from government and secondly, it was crucial opportunity to inform global community about Buddha’s teaching and ideals and its relevance in today’s world amidst a gathering of representatives from 112 countries.

How far this visit will be successful and facilitating to propel diplomatic as well as trade relations between Nepal and Vietnam in coming days?

Yes, Nepal and Vietnam are longstanding friends. It has been almost four decades since Nepal and Vietnam established their diplomatic ties. But, this is so far the first visit at Prime Minister level. During the visit, wide discussions were held on different matters with several actors. With this, our diplomatic, economic, cultural, religious and other multidimensional relations will further grow and remain cordial. Trade expansion will take place and Nepal’s products will get market space. The export of Nepali production to Vietnam having around 100 million populations should be increased. This visit will reap benefits in these areas.

You have announced to organize a special program in Lumbini in the upcoming Vesak Day? What is its preparation?

I had discussed with the representatives of UNDP on the topic. Some internal preparations are also going on.

Does this visit mean for strengthening collaboration and unity with small and developing countries?

Of course, we will advance collaboration and unity with the countries having similarities with us. In the previous time, we had strengthened the non-aligned movement and this is the time to strongly take ahead such contemporary issues.

In the course of the visit, some bilateral agreements have also taken place. How will be their implementation aspects?

The agreements will come into effect soon. A foreign secretary level mechanism has been put in place to this effect and it has started working from today. RSS