No timely outreach of true information on constitution behind current problem-Chief Justice Shrestha

Bhaktapur, Dec 24: Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha has said that the country has seen the emergence of current problem due to failure to reach out

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EDITORIAL: No kidding matter

Good care during pregnancy, labour pains and after the birth of the baby can indeed help to reduce the fatalities Nepal has a high neonatal mortality rate (NMR) of 38.6

Engineering the better baby: Benefits and dangers

Arthur Caplan The more time we spend debating whether to adopt a technology that undoubtedly will be adopted, the less we will have to consider more relevant issues. We need

Letters:Who will save us?

Jimi Hendrix could have sung ‘All along the watchtower’ about the dilemma of the 21st century Nepali people. He sang the first few lines: ‘There must be some kind of

Problem of discrimination: Corrective measures needed

If a Nepali tourist in the Netherlands gets charged double price for a bus fare, this is illegal. Likewise if a Nepali tourist has to pay money to just walk

Udhauli and Ubhauli festivals

AMBIKA PANDEY Nepal is a country of ethnic diversities .Different ethnic communities follow their own traditions and cultures. Fairs and festivals have been a part of each and every ethnic

Rebuilding rural Nepal Lessons for improvement

Integration of vernacular technology and incorporation of justified components within such construction should be accomplished before deployment of reconstruction efforts The Gorkha seismic sequence started with the strong 7.8 Richter

EDITORIAL: Make it effective

Life can be run without great hardship even during the crisis provided that there is an effective distribution system Poor distribution mechanism of petroleum products has led the common people

Humanitarian crisis

The Nepalese community in England united last week in protest of the unofficial, yet ongoing, blockade between Nepal and India. The demonstration coincided with a visit from Indian Prime Minister