Power-hungry Bam Dev’s personal interest frustrates party leaders

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Nepal Communist Party

Nembang, who is loyal to Oli, was surprised to learn about the taskforce. Nembang argued that the constitution cannot be amended to serve the interest

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Recollecting the challenges of global leadership

RISHI DHAMALA: The year 2019 has been a year of detrimental tests for global leadership. Recently United States House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump with a crucial vote left

Democracy’s dark day or an era of Nepali transformation: Looking back at the Royal takeover

However, during the era, Nepal also witnessed a rapid transformation in the field of infrastructure development.

Accountability in Politics

Jeff Kurtz: We currently have a political system that hides its displaced loyalties and corruption under layers of bureaucratic complexities and a society that apparently is not suffering enough to

Everything happened for a reason: Laxmi Tamang

When I was small my father left us. I don’t know where he went. My family members spoke about it in our native Tamang language but since I didn’t know

The travesty of justice and deplorable leadership

BIRAT KRISHNA THAPA: Justice, as I had written earlier, is a broad concept. Our evolution has enabled us to identify what suits us best as we live together in society.

I am a Nepali, and I don’t like your money

PANKAJ THAPA: The date was 25th April, 2015 – just before 12 p.m., I along with millions of others watched buildings shake – while concrete buildings crumbled, not a single

Dhading, Dhamala
Moment to Cherish

Rishi Dhamala: The long-awaited suspense has finally been broken for the people of Nepal. After 23 years, Chinese president will be officially visiting Nepal starting from today. Grand preparations have

Unequivocal Ties: Future of Nepal’s relations with India and China

Rishi Dhamala: A yam between two boulders was what our founder King Prithvi Narayan Shah said. Nepal is trying to maneuver its way through its two giant neighbors maintaining a

Indo-Pak Conflict: Kashmir the epicenter

Bipin Deo: The root problem of Indo-Pak conflict is not procedural, it is structural. A knowledgeable foreign policy commentator, in a conversation, put it, “India has foreign policy and it