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Recollecting her hardships fighting for truth: Purni Maya Tamang seeks justice

-Reporter Nepal

(Purni Maya Tamang widow of late Arjun Bahadur Lama) KATHMANDU: Purni Maya Tamang widow of late Arjun Bahadur Lama spoke of the injustice that was

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Collusive system denying justice: Mystery behind the encounter of Kumar Poudel family cry foul

Reporters Club: The family of late Kumar Poudel, who was killed in Lalbandi 1 of Sarlahi district, have remorsefully requested the media and the civil society to be aware of

Will fast-unto-death at the gate of the Supreme Court: Mother of Late Yuvraj Shah

KATHMANDU, Sept 5: The parents of late Yuvraj Kumar Shah who was abducted and later mercilessly killed by the abductors have issued a strong statement against the Supreme Court’s decision

No Legal Recourse: Parents overwhelmed, Supreme Court denies justice

REPORTERS NEPAL, Sept 5: 12-year-old Yuvraj Kumar Shah while playing with his siblings is abducted in broad daylight by a group of armed individuals. On June 9th, 2018, 12-year-old Yuvraj

The Equivalence of Justice and Injustice: Mind-bending suicide of Journo Salikram Pudasaini

Justice is a term too elaborate for the common human mind and in certain cases out of reach. It has been discussed through various theories, evolved along with humans through

Unanimous Congregation: Rabi needs justice, likely innocent

KATHMANDU, Aug24: A congregation of media personnel along with various artists firmly stand for a fair and free trial of medial personality Rabi Lamichhane, along with Yuvraj Kandel and Roku

Dr Govinda KC, justice
Justice missing from Judiciary: Dr Govinda KC

Prof Dr Gobinda KC has lamented over what he called the 'disappearance of justice from the judiciary'. Talking to media persons at the TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj on Wednesday, Dr KC