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Prime Minister Oli is as sly as a fox, says Paudel


Talking to Reporters’ Club Nepal President Rishi Dhamala in a television talk show Janata Janna Chahanchan, he said, “The prime minister accused the Nepali Congress

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Ram Chandra Paudel (File Photo)
NC’s Paudel says CA elections will be held on time

POKHARA: Nepali Congress (NC) Vice President Ram Chandra Paudel said that the proposed Constituent Assembly election scheduled for November 19 even if dissenting political parties like the CPN Maoist did

Ram Chandra Poudel
UML is the most opportunist political party: NC Vice-chairman Poudel

DAILEKH: Nepali Congress second in command Ram Chandra Poudel, who hinted at the polls alliance with the CPN-UML for the upcoming CA elections, has said that the UML is the

Ram Chandra Poudel
NC’s Paudel slams democrats for supporting Maoist on federalism issues

BIRGUNJ: Nepali Congress Vice President Ram Chandra Paudel has called on democratic parties for not supporting the UCPN-Maoist on federalism model. Speaking at a program organized by Nepal Press Union

‘Maoists defamed democracy’

DADELDHURA: Nepali Congress Vice President  Ram Chandra Poudel has said that the present ruling coalition, basically the Maoist party, has mocked at the democracy. The UCPN (Maoist) would not be ready

nEXT prime Minister of Nepal
Influential leaders join the PM race, Delhi still testing waters!

Nepal’s  President’s recent call to form national consensus government within seven days have pushed Nepal’s led politician into the race. This has also intensified exchanges between leaders and New Delhi.

Nepal’s opposition parties slam budget ordinance and CA elections

KATHMANDU:  Leaders of the main opposition parties have termed the government’s decision to bring the budget through ordinance as an ‘open violation’ of democratic norms and values. They have accused

Ram Chandra Paudel (File Photo)
EU’s regional chief of missions confers with Paudel

KATHMANDU: Chief of the Mission of the European Union to Nepal, India, and Bhutan, Maria Castillo Fernandez held talks with Nepali Congress Vice President Ramchandra Paudel at the latter’s residence

Ram Chandra Paudel
Paudel challenges leaders to come up alternatives or to support CA reinstatement

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress Vice President Ram Chandra Poudel has opined the reinstatement of the Constituent Assembly (CA) would be the best alternative to promulgating the new constitution Assembly if a