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Two men arrested on charge of incest rape

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Parbat, Aug 12. Parbat district police have arrested a man on the charge of raping his daughter. The man’s younger brother was also arrested on

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Incidents of rape on the rise in Bhojpur

KATHMANDU, June 27 : Incidents of rape has been reported to be increasing in the district as of late. More than 70 per cent of the cases registered at the

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1,873 cases of attempted rape registered

According to the information provided by the central police headquarters, the number of cases related to 'attempted rape' has increased in 2075/76 in comparison to 2074/75 BS.

Growing rape cases point it is not just sexual act but a matter of power relations

As we know that in the recent days, the cases of rape and sexual violence against women are making media headlines almost every day, creating fear among the girls, women

Father rapes daughter, 5-year-old raped in Udayapur

KATHMANDU: Four cases of rapes were reported across the country on Sunday. A girl in Rolpa has been allegedly raped by her father. The victim is a 12-year-old of Hwama

Rapist grandfather gets 13 yrs jail sentence in Dhading

DHADING: The Dhading District Court has slapped one Sane Sarki of Maidi VDC to 13 years in jail for raping his granddaughter. The court’s 13-year jail sentence includes 10 years

Nepali woman resists rape attempt in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY: Two unidentified individuals kidnapped a Nepali woman in Farwaniya of Kuwait and attempted to rape her, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. She informed security men that she was walking

Two girls raped yet again in Saptari

SAPTARI: Two girls from Pipra Purba VDC of Saptari district were raped at the same place when they were collecting dry cow dung cakes in Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve area. Two

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Nepali teen raped after she refused to marry

MUGU: Just as Nepal is currently busy observing the 16-day campaign against Violence against Women (VAW) by organizing a variety of programmes, a teenager girl in Mugu was raped by

Nepal’s LGBTI forerunners face sexual abuse charges

KATHMANDU: Nepal has been heaven for homosexuals from Asia and other countries. And at the center of this hype remained the Blue Diamond Society and its chairman Sunil Babu Pant.