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Narvda Devi rolls out her debut poem anthology- Chattan

Narvada Devi Poem Anthology- Chattan

KATHMANDU: Narvada Devi, a Nepali poetess residing in the United States for a long time has published her first poem anthology- Chattan (Rock). Bairagi Kainla,

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Ghale announces candidacy
Shesh Ghale announces candidacy in NRNA’s Chairman

KATHMANDU: Nepali born Australian businessman Shesh Ghale has announced his candidacy for the Non Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA)’s Chairman in the upcoming International Conference of the NRNA. Ghale announced his

Nepali Music School established in Washington DC of United States

USA: A Nepali Music School named as Premee Kala Kendra has been established in Fairfax City of Virginia near Washington DC of the USA. Famous Nepali singer Prem Raja Mahat

Sociologist Dr Ganesh Gurung feted in UK

KATHMANDU: Veteran sociologist Dr Ganesh Gurung has been honored in the UK last week. Different organizations honored Dr Gurung for his contribution to Nepal’s economy, especially in the field of

Nepalis in US on fund raising campaign to assist Former Prime Minister Shrestha

FLORIADA (America): The Nepali people living in the US have launched a fund raising campaign with the objective of providing financial assistance for the treatment of former Prime Minister Marichman

Global literary federation brings e -magazine

KATHMANDU: A Global Federation of Nepalese Literature, Singapore Branch has been formed under the chairmanship of lyricist Ram Prasad Rai. The gathering held in Singapore in the presence of Chairman

Tilak Bahadur Thapa Magar Afghan Returned
Nepali languishing in Afghani jail recounts his story

KATHMANDU: Tilak Bahadur Thapa Magar, who was given a clemency by Afghan President Hamid Karzai last week, has said that the government should play crucial role for the rescue of

Nepalis working in Dubai restaurant collect Rs 29,500 relief amount for Mahakali flood victims

DHANGADHI: Nepalis restaurant workers in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates have collected Rs 29,500 in aid of the flood-affected people of Darchula district. Thirty-six Nepalis migrant workers employed at

Syangja Banethok Deurali Sewa Samaj meeting in UAE

UAE: The second monthly meeting of Syangja Banethok Deurali Sewa Samaj of UAE was held in Metro Park of Dubai on Friday.A large number of migrant workers from Banethok Deurali

NRN Australia makes public the names of ICC representative from Australia for two years r

KATHMANDU: The National Election Commission of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, Australia, has declared the ICC representatives from Australia for the upcoming two years. Issuing a press statement, the National Election