Force within 4-parties is against Baidya’s participation in CA elections

Nepali Congress leader and former deputy prime minister Sujata Koirala (File Photo)

Sujata Koirala is often noted for quick decision and frank note of dissent against own and other political party leaders. Nepali Reporter’s Rishi Dhamala recently

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Nepal CPN Maoist Mohan Baidya Kiran
Party unification with UCPN (Maoist) and CA election unlikely: Baidya

Mohan Baidya aka “Kiran” is a leading communist leader in Nepal. He is the Chairman of the oft quoted “hardliner’ communist party; CPN-Maoist. Nepalireporter’s Rishi Dhamala recently caught up with

Federalism will weaken Nepal’s sovereignty: Leftist Guru Singh

Mohan Bikram Singh is a revered left leader in Nepal. He has been credited for furthering communist ideology in the UCPN Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal too. As general secretary

No CA elections in April too under status quo: Bhusal

While Nepal’s major political parties are trying to pave way for holding new Constituent Assembly (CA) elections in November, the Mohan Baidya led CPN Maoist and its alliance of 33

Baburam Bhattarai Maoist leader
People will remember Bhattarai government: Baburam Bhattarai

UCPN Maoist leader and former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has remained in limelight for a long time for various reasons. Regarded as the architect of the Maoist insurgency and a

Puspa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda"
Its time to renovate our neighbor policy: Prachanda

UCPN Maoist Puspa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda has been in the limelight for the recent years for coming up with ideas and strategies. Since the demise of Nepali Congress President

Nepali Congress Leader Sekhar Koirala
A dictator is being removed with another would-be dictator: Shekhar Koirala

Nepali Congress leader Shekhar Koirala has stood against party’s decision to form electoral government in the leadership of Chief Justice Khilaraj Regmi. While expressing his dissatisfaction with his party leadership,

Nepal Labor and Peasants Party Chairman Narayan Man Bijukche "Rohit"
Presidential rule for short-span is necessary for resolving Nepal’s political crisis: Bijukche

Narayan Man Bijukche is one of most revered leftist politicians in Nepal and is mostly popular for his theoretical understanding of the leftist ideology and more than that his denial

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Yang Houlan holding interaction with Reporters Club Nepal President Rishi Dhamala on November 7, 2012 (Photo: Chitra Raj Bhandari/ RN.Com)
Nepal should manage political transition for attaining development goals: Houlan

China is gearing up for its 18th Congress of the CPC which will set up future policy of one of the world’s most powerful nation and close neighbor of Nepal.