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Dr Niranjan Man Singh Basnyat appointed Ambassador to Malaysia

KATHMANDU: Dr Niranjan Man Singh Basnyat has been appointed ambassador to Malaysia. A cabinet meeting on Sunday evening appointed Basnyat for the four years. Prior

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Dhir Bahadur Chanda appointed judge of Labor Court

KATHMANDU: A cabinet meeting held today has appointed Dhir Bahadur Chand as the judge of the Labor Court as based on recommendation of the Judiciary Service Commission. Chand is the joint-secretary

Govt decides Janakpur Cigarette Factory’s closure

KATHMANDU: The  government has decided to close Nepal’s oldest cigarette factory–Janakpur Cigarette Factory (JCF). The JCF was one of the largest  taxpayers in the country in the past. Yak brand

Government accepts hefty amount of grants, loans

KATHMANDU: The government today agreed to accept huge amount of loans and grant assistance. A meeting of the council of ministers on Thursday approved nearly Rs 9 billion in loan

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Govt to provide relief to flood victims

KATHMANDU: A cabinet meeting has decided to distribute relief materials to the flood victims of the far western districts at the earliest. A meeting of the cabinet held today has

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This Dashain, Tihar unlikely to face sugar shortage

KATHMANDU: A cabinet meeting held today has decided to allow the government bodies to import sugar up to 30,000 metric tonnes at one per cent customs duty as an attempt

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Nepal’s Regmi-led govt accepts NPC Vice-chairman, members’ resignation

KATHMANDU: A cabinet meeting held today has approved the resignation tendered by Vice-chairman of National Planning Commission (NPC) Dr Deependra Bahadur Kshetry and three other other members. The NPC members

Nepal’s government gives permission to national army to buy arms from India

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Interim Election Council of Minister has nodded to the Nepal Army’s proposal for buying arms including general and lethal from India. A meeting of the cabinet held on