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Politicizing ideology: Is our foreign policy questionable?

-Reporter Nepal

Reporters Club: The recently concluded internal organizational program conducted between the Nepal Communist Party (NPC) and the Communist Party of China has been a much-heated

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Agro and Vet Technicians announce protest programs over GoN’S current circular

Reporters Club: The central committee for the protection of the rights of Nepal Agriculture and Veterinary technology has announced a protest program against the appointment of agricultural and veterinary technicians

Collusive system denying justice: Mystery behind the encounter of Kumar Poudel family cry foul

Reporters Club: The family of late Kumar Poudel, who was killed in Lalbandi 1 of Sarlahi district, have remorsefully requested the media and the civil society to be aware of

World Hindu Youth Federation International Committee remonstrate security lapse

Reporters Club: World Hindu Youth Federation International Committee (WHYOC) has expressed grave dissatisfaction over the security lapse in one of Hinduism’s holiest sites, the Pashupatinath Temple. Organizing a special press

Trilateral Corruption: Nepal in grave danger former DPM Kamal Thapa

KATHMANDU, Sept 18: The nation has not felt the substantial change even after 2 years of a 2/3rd majority government, said former Deputy Prime Minister, and Chairman of the National

Traditional ritual denied: Direct attack on Hinduism and its way of life

Reporters Club: World Hindu Youth Union’s International Committee along with the World Hindu Federation Committee for the valley has strenuously opposed the current group that disallowed sacred Hindu rituals known

Take heed Nationalists, Citizenship Act fundamental for the security of Nepal: Demographic imbalance likely Bhim Rawal

Reporters Club: Former Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), former Home Minister and Member of Parliament (MP) and also the standing committee member of the ruling Nepal Communist Party Bhim Rawal instructed