COVID-19 and the SEE

-Adarsha Acharya
coronavirus pandemic in Nepal

In this crucial period, the deadly virus has spread across the world, and the cases are surging in Nepal everyday with already over 1200 confirmed

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COVID-19 Impacts
Microfinance Institutions and COVID-19

Although Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has already announced a number of relief measures including rescheduling of loan repayment and will also prioritize refinance facilities for small and medium scale enterprises,

Nepal economy
Reviving the economy of Nepal through construction sector during pandemic

In the context of the construction sector, some essential and national pride projects are still under construction. However, to catch-up on the falling economy, the Government of Nepal needs to

Media literacy in public health crisis (COVID-19)

As the world fights with coronavirus crisis, battling rumors and misinformation is a challenge for the human race to cope with this critical situation.

COVID-19 Effect on Education: Adoption of Distance Learning in Academic Institutions of Nepal

Normally, in epidemic or pandemic cases, the education sector has been the one to be affected first and most. As the COVID-19 transfers from person-person, almost all educational institutions across

India-Nepal bilateral relation
Hope and expectation

Prime Minister Modi has expressed commitment to support Nepal’s goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali.’ Ambassador Kwatra can play a crucial role in Nepal’s journey of prosperity.

Nepal Communist Party
Power-hungry Bam Dev’s personal interest frustrates party leaders

Nembang, who is loyal to Oli, was surprised to learn about the taskforce. Nembang argued that the constitution cannot be amended to serve the interest of one person.

Recollecting the challenges of global leadership

RISHI DHAMALA: The year 2019 has been a year of detrimental tests for global leadership. Recently United States House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump with a crucial vote left

Democracy’s dark day or an era of Nepali transformation: Looking back at the Royal takeover

However, during the era, Nepal also witnessed a rapid transformation in the field of infrastructure development.

Accountability in Politics

Jeff Kurtz: We currently have a political system that hides its displaced loyalties and corruption under layers of bureaucratic complexities and a society that apparently is not suffering enough to